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Thursday 18 July 2013

Do you have an answer for everything?

Have you ever had conversations with someone, a friend, a colleague, a relative, a person that  knew it all, that had all the answers, had a solution to everything?

How were you feeling during this conversation? How did you feel afterwards?
Did you feel you were listened to, heard, supported, secure, supported, advised? Did you feel that person helped you in any way?
Or did you feel alone, frustrated, denied, violated ... You felt that the other did not listen, stayed in his/her little world of certainty and vanity, a world that had nothing to do with you ... You were left exhausted, demoralized, depressed. ..
What about you? Did it ever happen to you to have all the answers? Think about it... I'm sure it did...
You had certainties, everything seemed so clear, limpid, the issues or problems that were risen were so simple, so obvious, so crystal clear ....!
... So simple and obvious to you, from your point of view... What about the other person in front? Did your posture help him/her in any way? Did your certainties bring any comfort?
Listening is not just about receiving and processing information in order to respond.
It is also empathy, being present in the moment, being in the other’s shoes, understanding, letting the other speak and find his/her way ...
In general, other people do not need your answers, they need to create their own answer...
What about you? Do you prefer to supply solutions...?
Or would you rather help other people out in finding their own answers?

Sunday 7 July 2013

Management on hold?

The current situation and uncertainty are so confusing that in some companies the policy is just to wait-and-see.
It is true that today it is difficult to understand the environment, analyse the data, draw lessons and make he right decisions...
We then prefer not to do anything.

Nevertheless, the answers and solutions are there, in the organization.

They are in the capacity of each and every one to see, to share, to understand and learn to adapt, to experiment, innovate, and continuously adjust to achieve results.

More than ever, the collective success needs to be built day after day, as a team, with openness, humility and flexibility.

Is your team ready for this?
Do they know how to manage this uncertainty, share these concerns, accept their mistakes?
Are they able to move forward, innovate, act, question themselves and adapt to succeed?

And you? Are you ready for this?

Are you open, do you listen?
Do you trust and challenge the team?
Do you know how to share with them, how to decide, mobilize and implement with agility and flexibility?

Monday 1 July 2013

Management, Customer Service and Sales

All customer-related activities are strategic.
Caring for the customer, maintaining trusting and lasting relationships and developing sales are very demanding activities for employees.
They have more to do with the way they feel, they are and behave than with their knowledge or expertise.
The quality of service and business efficiency of a company require collaborators to be present, motivated and committed day after day.
This directly depends on the styles and types of management that are being performed by middle managers and executives.
When managers relate in cold, indifferent ways, when they demonstrate neither interest nor attention to the team, when they only see employees as resources ... What impact could you expect?...
Customers end up being treated in the same resources ...

If managers rely on the team, let them take initiatives, listen to and empower the people, they will naturally be more present and available with customers, listen to them, at their service, selling more and better, creating connection and retention...
Look for excellence in your relationships with teams, and customers may have memorable experiences with the company.

Do you spend this valuable time with your team?
Do you maintain quality relationships with them?