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Thursday 31 December 2015

Give and Offer.

Abundance is in our plates, our gifts, our possessions.

We offer but we do not give ourselves.
Our generosity is material and we keep our distances.

We need to reconnect with others ...
Not with our money, our gifts, our competitiveness...
But with what we are, with our authenticity,
our love for each other.

Give the world all that you are!

Thursday 10 December 2015

Potent Leadership

Potent Leadership is a matter of being aware of what is happening in a group and acting accordingly. Specific actions are less important than the leader’s clarity or consciousness. That is why there are no exercises or formulas to ensure successful leadership.

Potency cannot be calculated or manipulated, nor is it a matter of trying to look good.
Three examples illustrate differing degrees of potency in leadership:
1- Potent: a conscious yet spontaneous response to what is happening in the here and now; no calculation or manipulation.
2- Less Potent: trying to do what is right. This is calculated behavior based on the concept of right, and manipulative behavior based on an idea of what should happen.
3- Least Potent: imposed morality. Imposed morality rests entirely on should and shouldn’t. It is both calculated and manipulated, and meets resistance with punishment. It sheds no light on what is actually happening. It often backfires.

Leaders who lose touch with what is happening cannot act spontaneously, so they try to do what they think is right. If that fails, they often try coercion.
But the wise leader who loses the sense of immediacy becomes quiet and lets all effort go until a sense of clarity and consciousness returns.

The Tao of Leadership
Lao Tsu - John Heider

Monday 23 November 2015

What are you afraid of?

We have been sold fear for us to buy security.

Our society has its codes, is based on appearances.
Depending to your education, on your career, you have imposed criteria of what it is to be successful ...
There are criteria for work, money, family, children ....

Although we want to be different, though we try to be indifferent to these beliefs, it is very difficult not to be influenced by them ....
Do you fear not being successful? Do you fear failure?

Focus on yourself, on your relationships, on your environment, on your life ...
Do not buy the stereotypes and appearances of others.
Connect with your dreams, not the dreams of others.

Focus on being, not on having.
Be grateful for the life you have, do not focus on what you do not have...

Fear is the best way to keep you quiet ... Do not shut up!
Go beyond your fears to reach your goals, your challenges.

Without fear, what is possible now?

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Leadership without Authenticity?

Leadership is not about putting on a mask, is not pretending to be somebody else.

Authentic leadership is to be aligned with our values, our passions and ambitions, our being.

It is to accept our forces and our vulnerability.

Being Authentic does not mean being naive.
It is self-knowledge, knowing and learning to know ourselves.
It is to forgive ourselves of what we find repellent in us.
It is about exposing ourselves, taking risks, getting out of our comfort zone.

True leadership is to want more for ourselves, for our project and for other people.
It is working to go for more.
More connection, more intensity.
It is contributing to this world in the way we want to contribute.

Bringing our vision, our hearts, our energy, our vibration.

Are you being an Authentic Leader?

Monday 28 September 2015

Do not be silent. Express yourself.

Say what you think, what you feel, what you want ..
Do not hide.
There is no shame.

You are fragile. I am fragile. We are fragile.
Our weakness is not shameful. It is our humanity, our beauty, our potential, our strength.

When you express your fragility you expose yourself, you take risks, you demonstrate your leadership.
The fragility, the vulnerability make leadership possible .

Express what you feel, what you experience, where you doubt.
Do not remain silent ...

If you keep it quiet, you deny it, it does not exist.
If you express it, you take it out, you create something new, things change, circumstances evolve...

Go forward. Move.
Dare. Express yourself.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Subject or object. Dare to be you!

Subject or object. Having or Being

What are you object of.
Dare to be you

What you are subject of.

Having or Being?
Where is your challenge?

Make no mistake with objects.
Possessing adds nothing to who you are.
Possessing is to be possessed. Be a subject.

Make no mistake with subjects.
Do not be anyone's subject. Do not let anyone define you...
Nobody will help you be you. You're not an object.

Subject or Object.
Object or Subject.

What is your focus?
What is your goal?

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Take the time

This summer take the time

Take time to step back from your working year,
to assess your current situation,
to look at where you are,
how you are feeling, where you're going ...

This summer, take time for yourself.

To stop, relax, have fun.
For laughing, sharing, celebrating
To disconnect or reconnect.

Take your time to enjoy.

Happy summer!

Monday 13 July 2015

Wise Leadership : Nothing to win

There is nothing to win

The well-run group is not a battlefield of egos. 
Of course there will be conflict, but these energies become creative forces.
If the leader loses sight of how things happen, quarrels and fears devastate the group field.

This is a matter of attitude. 
There is nothing to win or lose in group work. 
Making a point does not shed light on what is happening. 
Wanting to be right blinds people.

The wise leader knows that it is far more important to be content with what is actually happening than to get upset over what might be happening but isn't.

The Tao of Leadership
Lao Tsu

Monday 18 May 2015

From Feedback to Feedforward

Companies recruit their staff for their skills and potential.
And manage them from their shortcomings and weaknesses ...

Managers struggle to see anything but what is missing in their collaborators, what has failed, what has not worked, where they have not performed.
Their relationship often becomes one of suspicion, doubt, distrust, tension...

Modern leaders need to focus in their relationships on the potential of their team and collaborators ... Instead of getting stuck in their weaknesses, they should see them to their full potential and capabilities.

Instead of talking to their weak, fragile version, they must relate to the more powerful, more capable, more creative, more complete version of themselves.

From Feedback to Feedforward.
The most effective to develop your team.
And avoid confining them to their disabilities.

Can you give a Feedforward?

Wednesday 29 April 2015

The art of negotiation (3): Are you part of the problem?

What is the subject? 

What are you negotiating? 
Are you part of the subject? 

Negotiating is being able to look at a topic from all perspectives in order to study and build solutions. 

If you are part of it, you'll hardly take distance, adopt other perspectives, turn around the subject. 

Separate people from the subject. 
Isolate the subject from you or the other 
You will make it more manageable, less vital, more solvable. 

What is the subject?

Sunday 12 April 2015

Do you separate or unite?

Do you divide or bring together?

Do you feel you are different and ignore others, not wanting to know about them...
  ... or ...
Do you respect differences, looking at what others contribute to, learning from their approaches, their contributions.
Are you competitive, fighting to become more efficient and productive than the colleague ...
  ... or ...
Generous, supporting others, learning from them and building winning collaborations.

Are you in scarcity, contempt, distrust, individualism ...
... or ...
In abundance, humility, support, collective spirit.

What is more natural to you?
Where do you feel more comfortable?

Are you dividing or bringing together?
Competing or sharing?
Criticising or trusting?
Do you Separate or Unite?

Wednesday 11 March 2015

The art of negotiation (2): Are you curious?

We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.
Do you know of the other’s world ?.
Do you negotiate with their world? or do you stay in yours?.

You do not know what you do not know.
Be humble and flexible. Be open. Listen. Inquires.
Go for what you do not know.

Be curious of the other. 
Learn. Understand. Progress..
It will give you assets when negotiating.

Thursday 26 February 2015

The Art of Negotiation (1) : Do you listen?

92% of the time we are in our thoughts, in our reasoning.
Although we seem to listen, we focus on ourselves.
We listen to respond, not to understand.

The basics of negotiation are to build solutions with the other party.

Listen until the end to what the other is saying.
Listen to what they say and to what is not said.

Leave them their space. 
Hear them really.
Only this will help you co-build a powerful solution.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Do you know how to say no?

Do you know how to say no for what is important to you?
It's easy to say "yes". 
The art of leadership is knowing how to say "no".

What do you want in your life? In your work?
Where are your limits?
Do you respect them and do you get others to respect them too?

Being aware of your own desires and limits is essential to feel good about yourself ... if you can express your limits when necessary.

What is really important to you?
Where is worth putting limits?

Do not stay with an internal conflict. Express your position. Speak up. Communicate. Negotiate.

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Wednesday 21 January 2015

The three filters of the wise leader

A collaborator comes to the wise leader and says:
- I have to tell you about the behaviour of one your team members
The wise leader:
- Let me stop you: Have you passed what you mean to tell me through the three filters test ?
- The three filters ?
- Your words must pass through three filters . The first is the truth. Have you checked that what you want to tell me is true?
- No, I have heard about it and ...
- Well, then you have certainly made it go through the second filter, that of goodness. Is what you want to tell me something good?
- No, quite the opposite ....
- Turning then to the third filter: is what you want to say useful?
- Useful? Not really ...
- Well... if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor useful, I prefer not to hear it. As for you, I advise you to just forget it.

Truth, Goodness, Utility.

Monday 12 January 2015

Difference... for what?

Why hire different profiles, personalities, people?
Why recruit people with different pathways, studies, with atypical original experiences ?

Because they bring a different look, new perspectives, innovative reasonings ...

The difference is not intended to be competitive, to create competition.
It brings complementarity, wealth, questioning, debate, creativity, innovation.

Do not recruit clones.
Hire different, diverse people

And take advantage of this difference, encourage it, allow it to express and enrich the team and bring innovation and results.

Do you accept the difference?
Do you let it express itself?
Do you allow it to contribute to the organization, to the business?

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Saturday 3 January 2015

Happy year 2015!

We live in a world of appearances.
They are a smokescreen that limit our potential.

We need to fight for our Authenticity. 
Our difference.

I wish you an
Authentic, Generous and Abundant 2015!