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Sunday 23 December 2012

Give or Receive ... Receive my best wishes for 2013

Would you say you're more of a giver or a receiver?

Generally do you rather give or receive?

What do others say about you?

A dicton says
Do not complain about what you're getting ...Look more carefully at what you're giving ...!

For these holiday greetings and for 2013 ...
Don’t keep for yourself the love you have in you, for life, for others ...
Share it! Offer it! Multiply it!

With all my heart I wish you

and a

Monday 17 December 2012

Do you take the time necessary to make it work?

I see a lot of very dynamic and flexible companies where people run like headless chickens to react and respond to clients, colleagues, challenges, to the market, to competition...

There is a lack of clarity about what is really important, what is key to the business, what’s strategic... Some confusion between what is urgent and what is important....

When you don’t put the focus on what’s important, it becomes urgent.
Then everything becomes urgent.
And everybody reacts to urgency...

In that context, are you sure your company is performing at its best?
Do you have the necessary visibility? 
Do you adequately monitor progress and performance?
When appropriate, can you step back, review and adapt what needs to be?

How can you be proactive and not only reactive?
How can you put some structure in the company’s management?

How do you handle it?

Monday 10 December 2012

Tao of Leadership : Force and Conflict

Leadership: Force & Conflict

The leader who understands how process unfolds uses as little force as possible and runs the group without pressuring people.

When force is used, conflict and argument follow. The group field degenerates. The climate is hostile, neither open nor nourishing.

The wise leader runs the group without fighting to have things a certain way. The leader's touch is light. The leader neither defends nor attacks.

Remember that consciousness, not selfishness, is both the means of teaching and the teaching itself.

Group members will challenge the ego of one who leads egocentrically. But one who leads selflessly and harmoniously will grow and endure.

The Tao of Leadership. by Lao Tsu

Tuesday 4 December 2012


How do you perceive uncertainty ?
Like a pond filled with crocodiles ready to eat you ? Like an infinity of potential dramas and disasters about to take place ?
Or like a sea of ​​possibilities, of encounters, of exciting opportunities to learn, to experience, enjoy, fail, move on and grow ?

Do you have confidence in what surrounds you ?
How much do you trust yourself ?
Do you take permission to be yourself ?
Do you accept that uncertainty, that the unexpected may feed you, teach you, change you ....?

Are you flexible with what's going on ?
May be you'd rather have everything well controlled, well kept, in its place ... and you get worried when things change, when contexts evolve, when new challenges appear ...

Everything is uncertain. Life is uncertain.

Taking command of your life is about accepting and playing with uncertainty . It's accepting that you can find yourself in uncomfortable situations, facing difficulties or failures... and that you will also live intense moments of joy, happiness and success.

Be flexible.
Learn to accept uncertaintyplay with it, enjoy yourself, and the things that need to happen... actually will ...

Accept you may be wrong. Dare. Play. Fall down. Get up. With humour and love.
Accept you don't know everything and trust your intuition, your guts, your heart, they will show you the way.

Trust, get moving, act. It will make things happen.

What do you make of it?