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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Make this day different. Change plans. Change perspectives.

It's easy to get caught, harnessed, addicted to the routine. Schedules, habits,automatisms, same routes, same roads, everything can be very well set, recorded, organized, repeated.
Our perceptions may also be trapped.
We are locked in a vision of the world influenced from our experiences and surroundings. After a time it's hard to imagine that things could be different than the way we perceive them. We are no longer able to see other options or opportunities than the ones we know of.

Our burden, our fear of the unknown, our lack of courage, our sadness are being put aside, forgotten and temporarily healed thanks to routine. 
Routine is about having certainties, about security ,about immobility, about status quo. It's our unwillingness to want to see world move and evolve. It's our denyal of the world as it is and of the way it constantly changes.
Break the routine! Change sidewalks! Alternate habits and this time take a different path, make your day different, change perspective, go ahead.
And above all, look! Really look! Look around you! There is life! There is movement! There is hope! And you are part of this life, this movement, this hope.

Routine is
 immobility. Immobility is death. Death is the only certainty.

You're alive.  Immobility is an illusion, it doesn't exist. Routine isn't a certainty. 
The routine kills! Get away from it!
Accept change. Change is life. It IS life.
The world is diverse, colourful, multiple. GO FOR IT!

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