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Wednesday 26 October 2011

What are you holding on to? Are you really free?

How come we hold on to so many things?
As if to reassure ourselves ...

We hold on to our routine,on to our technology, our smartphone, our computer, our TV.
We cling to our properties, our car, our real estate, our football club, our political views.
We stick to what is suitable and reasonable, to the beliefs of our society, to our job, to our own beliefs, to our image, our ego ...our husband or wife ...

We hold on to or we get stuck to whatever. To superficial and insignificant things. But to things that bring structure and stability to our lives... Or a semblance of structure and stability ...
We are afraid of getting lost. We are afraid of ourselves, of not knowing who we are without all these attachments...
We hold on to things to avoid falling into boredom. To avoid falling into the void.

We hold on to things not to doubt. Our attachments are certainties, are tangible, material, stable. They give us confidence, they are reassuring.

As a result, our lives are limited, we feel heaviness, clumsiness, stubbornness.
Our vision of the world and our life limits us, imprisons us.
We become disabled with life. We do not see that everything, anything is possible. We cannot imagine that tomorrow could be totally different from yesterday ... if we really wanted it to be...

We need lightness, agility, freedom.
We need to be aware of what is really important to us.
We need to be able to let go of what is not worth it, of the superfluous, of the nonsense.

Let's take our freedom!
Freedom to be who we are here and now, without compromise or unnecessary obligation.

I have a challenge for you:
How about gradually leaving the attachment you have for these little insignificant things in your life?
How about dropping routines and letting your life flow more freely?
How do you see that? Any truth in it? Does it look possible?

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