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Thursday 10 November 2011

How do you relate to other people? With your boss? With your team?

Every day we interact at work with dozens of people.
The types of relationships we may have are infinite ... Infinite as the variety of people...

The diversity lies in the values ​​and patterns that support and nourish the relationship.
On one side we have the
interdependent relationship, based on total transparency and sound support. Here each one’s objective is collaboration and growth for one another. Listening, caring, being supportive and open are key attitudes ...

...On the other extreme, there is the dependent relationship. As if it was based on a scenario, roles are set and rigid. There is a muzzled aggressiveness there. There is some tense resentment that takes away any possibilities for openness and/or growth.

The first type is a partnership, a launching pad for each one. From this base everything is possible. The other person’s challenging, supporting and recognizing attitudes bring  passion, experience and growth with no limits...
...The second is a prison, an addiction, a dependence for both. This is an open war. The only result is a tough, sad and energy consuming bitterness present in all interactions. There are no limits when you want others to pay for your unhappiness, insecurity or low self esteem. They will always owe you something. No debt is ever paid for...

The relationship of interdependence is abundance and growth. It flourishes.
The dependent relation is scarcity and stagnation. It rots.

What about you? 
Where are you between these two extremes?
How are your relationships with other people? With your boss? With your team?

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