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Thursday 1 December 2011

You are a competent and successful professional but ...

You are a great professional, competent, complete, but tell me, in all this, what is really you?
What makes you come alive, what makes your eyes shine, what makes your whole body vibrate?
Sometimes I have the feeling you’ve become a super efficient machine that is not totally aligned with who you really are. You have been slowly learning, integrating, automating, imitating.
A bit like the mimicry of children copying what others do, you've been copying what you’ve been seeing, feeling, sensing and you’ve made it yours.
And you've done a great job. You have been very good at it because you definitely add value with your intelligence, your sensitivity, your personality, your perseverance. A tremendous value.

But you know what, however competent and efficient you may be, this light that connects you with your passion, your guts, your intimate desires, this light seems to be dimmed, to be veiled...What do you think? What are you feeling?

You are authentic and generous. You have charisma and vision. You’re a leader! A fantastic one! I can feel it when we talk and share.
But it seems the diamond you have inside, the diamond YOU are, is half hidden, covered with a veil, behind a shield...

What about uncovering it together? What about searching this inner treasure?
What's going wrong? What's missing?
What are you passionate about? What is important to you? What is really yours?
Let’s go for this quest and out will come all the light, strength and energy you have inside.
Are you ready?

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