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Tuesday 14 February 2012

How do you lead teams? What would you change?

How do you lead teams?
Do you give information? Do you explain the decisions?
Do you try to convince? Do you inform of how things are?

Or rather
Do you share with them about what's going on?
Do you try to understand how things are going, how they do it, what they think?
Do you collect information about the activity, the strategy, the work environment?

Where are your priorities? 

Are they to be recognized, respected and listened to as a manager?
Are they to implement and maintain the best conditions to achieve lasting results?

And for this,
Do you try to convince or to understand?
Do you give instructions or do you share?

Take a moment.
If your team was asked how you are as a leader, what do you think they would say?

Try for a moment to be in their perspective, to imagine their perception of the company and of you.
And don't be upset ... You're doing the best you can ... Take it as a fantastic learning opportunity.

What do you learn
What do you detectOr not detect?
What would you change?
What are you happy and comfortable about?
And what lessons and challenges do you identify for you?

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