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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Leadership: Are you enjoying yourself?

Working a lot with executives, I often wonder about Leadership...
What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?
How does it work? What’s so magical about it?

Of course, to act and have impact as leaders, entrepreneurs and managers need to have personal qualities and abilities, they need to have values, drive, ambition...
But beyond that, for me, there is definitely one common and indispensable condition for a true and powerful leadership to happen

Leaders have to enjoy being where they are.

Can you inspire people if you’re not enjoying being around with them?
Can you motivate them if you’re not yourself having fun and being ambitious about what you’re doing and achieving?

And it’s not just about having fun.
Enjoying being there means being aligned with your values, being coherent with yourself... it means caring about the others, the team, the customers...It means contributing to the world in a way that is totally yours, in a unique way.

And when you are really and ambitiously enjoying yourself, you are creating a context, a link, an energy, a space where people can feel inspired, attracted, motivated, energized... where people are able  to take risks, to go the extra mile...

Then you’re demonstrating leadership.

How are you in your current position? 

Are you enjoying yourself? Are you inspiring and motivating others?

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