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Monday 19 November 2012

Are you in a context of flexibility and development? In your business? In your life?

In what context are you?

In companies the rules and routines that slowly build up tend to limit the behaviours and attitudes to standardized styles and patterns.

Rigidity builds up at all levels. On the way people are, relate to each other or organize as teams. The consequence is that critical business issues may never be brought to discussion, even less addressed...

As if an important part of the company's reality was not perceived ... as if the organization was partially blind...

In your team, is there a context that makes it possible to raise new, innovative, unexpected topics or issues?.. A context where it's possible to doubt of things that up to then were considered certainties?

The capacity to be flexible and reinvent depends on the context that a person, a team or an executive committee are able to create ... their ability to question any established aspect that does not contribute to business objectives..

In your business are you in a context of flexibility and development?
And in your life? In what context are you?

Are you willing to create this context?
In your company? For you?
Are you willing to have faith and dare do so?

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