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Monday 7 January 2013

Are you clear about what you want? Are you doing something about it?

The day to day life can lead us to forget what we most deeply and intimately want for ourselves, for our lives, for our loved ones.

We don’t think about it, we don’t take the time to really ask ourselves these questions. Over the years we develop
stories and beliefs that give meaning and justifications to our life... We build up a comforting logic about what we are living ...

Little by little we start fooling ourselves. We may end up living a life by proxy .... Letting the outside world decide of our lives ...

When you're there, you're like in a tunnel, you are blinded. You find it hard to see any other options, to find any other exits ... It's painful ...

It reminds me of a metaphor.
"Between light and darkness 
the light always wins "

When you are in the light, darkness 
completely disappears .

When you're in the dark, a light, however weak and distant it may be, will always bring clarity and direction.

Do not let others nor your dark side show you the way.
Trust your light and let it illuminate your way and your life

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