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Sunday 10 March 2013

Female Leadership and Male Leadership

Companies today have organizations that are increasingly flat and informal.

Hierarchy and responsibilities are more diffuse, more flexible and changing.

We are going from very structured pyramidal organizations to companies with multi level interactions working in networks.

...From a more masculine leadership based on power and a more feminine and tribal leadership that is more diffuse and connected...

In these environments, women are more likely to add value through their intuition, their emotional intelligence, their ability to collaborate, connect and develop social relationships ...

In contrast, men seem more limited in their possibilities...  They tend to be in the game of demonstrating their power, in competing or dominating, which may not be totally compatible with more informal or less hierarchical businesses...

The social models we grew up with determine our behaviours and limit us. Women and men face different challenges:

 Women need to get away from the stereotype of seduction and dependence, and gain confidence in their abilities to be a major player in organizations and society...

 Men need to get out of the stereotypes of the superhero. Getting away from their tendency to compete, they can learn to let go, to accept and manage their emotions, intuition and  vulnerability. With humility and authenticity.

What do you think?
Where do you see yourself?

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