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Monday 8 April 2013

How do you handle the pressure with your teams?

How do you avoid dumping all the pressure onto your teams?

One of the great challenges of the executives is managing the pressure that comes from above, from the shareholders, from line managers, from competition, from conjuncture... It is to avoid simply forwarding all the pressure to the teams ...

The role of the manager / leader is to create a context in which the teams are challenged and mobilized but always feel motivated and confident.

With increasing pressure and no confidence, collaborators do not work in an optimal way. They become defensive, get tense, paralysed. They do not dare to try new things, to change, to evolve, to give the extra effort.
When the context is difficult, on the contrary, they can close themselves up and avoid being noticed. As if the only fear was to be the next on the list...

In the current economic climate, corporate executives become stressed and paralysed by the pressure of delivering results in the short term ...
...Whereas they should be fighting for flexibility, for agility, for teams to reinvent themselves... to achieve excellence, to innovate, to create new strategies, tactics, fortified products and services...

What do you think?
How do you manage the pressure with your team?

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