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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Listen to the silence

People have many things to say, to comment, to communicate, to shout sometimes.
Talking about important things can be an incredibly powerful therapy to articulate them, verbalize them, understand them or see them differently, to handle them... It may help you to know yourself, to grow, to learn.

Sometimes I meet people whose rhythm and cadence of speech are so speeded up that you feel taken adrift by their verbal flow... like dizzy or drunk ...
You find it difficult to perceive their discourse as a means to understand, advance or learn...

Rather the opposite ...
People who talk a lot, with a sustained and intoxicating pace, are not learning nor discovering new horizons about themselves ...
Their words, their stories have become their prison. The stories they are telling lock them inside their own beliefs, in their interpretations. They become like victims trapped in a dead end...
Their words are like a call for help, a cry of helplessness in front of a situation they cannot assume or respond to.
And it seems that as long as they will remain in their repetitive stories nothing can or will change...

You are not your stories. Your stories are not you. They do not define you as a person.

I see you as a creative, powerful, complete person.
The silence has more to tell you than these stories, these self-justifications.

Do not judge yourself. Do not justify yourself.

Forgive yourself. Have faith in you.

Listen to the silence.

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