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Thursday 3 April 2014

Do you want Human Resources or resourceful Humans?

Who is accountable for delivering results?
Is it the owner, the CEO, the Board, the middle managers, the employees ...?

How to influence without overwhelming, to lead without pressing, to direct without controlling?

The influence and efficiency of managers go beyond their ability to articulate and communicate what they want .... They are in their ability to be open to the others, leave them space, collaborate with them .... So they understand, express, digest what's going on... so they commit and define how they will respond with their own resources ....

At any moment managers can fall into the trap of imposing, of forcing, of pushing.
A tactic that works in the short term ... especially if the company is used to managing by fear ...
But a short-term tactic that will not trigger the people’s and teams’ essential resources ...
It will not mobilize these abilities enhanced by true commitment and passion… Abilities like creativity, flexibility, agility, transversality, transparency... Skills that respond to new situations, new challenges, new competition...

We don’t need Human Resources .. but humans with resources, people who are leaders in their personal and professional lives ... doers in the business ... business entrepreneurs.

What do you want in your team? Human Resources or resourceful Humans?

How do you manage teams?


  1. Excellent lines which forces to think..
    Of course, it goes without saying that we would love to have Resourceful Humans..
    Knowing the team members, their expectations from their roles, understanding what are their drivers (motivators), their way of working, preferences etc. would only pave the way for aligning the team members and working together towards attainment of objectives!!. I firmly believe, one can only lead team by being a Coach/Mentor and guide them to attain heights. The team members manage themselves ..

  2. Thanks for your comments Haresh.
    The challenge always seems to be between guiding and empowering, between inspiring and controlling...
    Leadership is about developing leaders, not followers...for them to manage and lead themselves