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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Leadership without Authenticity?

Leadership is not about putting on a mask, is not pretending to be somebody else.

Authentic leadership is to be aligned with our values, our passions and ambitions, our being.

It is to accept our forces and our vulnerability.

Being Authentic does not mean being naive.
It is self-knowledge, knowing and learning to know ourselves.
It is to forgive ourselves of what we find repellent in us.
It is about exposing ourselves, taking risks, getting out of our comfort zone.

True leadership is to want more for ourselves, for our project and for other people.
It is working to go for more.
More connection, more intensity.
It is contributing to this world in the way we want to contribute.

Bringing our vision, our hearts, our energy, our vibration.

Are you being an Authentic Leader?

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