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Friday 8 November 2019

Conflicts : Should we accept them or ban them ?

Are conflicts useful?

Do conflicts in a company emphasize its dynamism or its disorganization ?

Should managers accept or ban conflicts?

Behind conflict there are unidentified, unaddressed needs... there are perspectives and views that have not yet been taken into account.

Beyond conflict there possibly are new ideas for improvement, new business opportunities or areas for the organization's development.

Conflict is a proof that there is motivation, commitment, dynamism.

The problem is that conflictive situations appeal to emotions . They are uncomfortable. They create tension. They are therefore difficult to handle.

They push people into uncertainty, into danger. They generate adrenaline, create urgency, connect us with our most animal side, with stress, possibly pushing us towards paralysis, aggression or flight.

They bring out our emotions, our vulnerability, our fragility.

At the same time a conflict is the evidence that this is important, that this is serious. That this is worth fighting for.

A company without conflict is a dormant, somnolent, numb company.

Are there conflicts in your business?

Do you handle them? Do you avoid them?
How do you feel about them?

Take advantage of conflicts. Learn to manage them and you'll get extraordinary results.

To achieve this, create a different context, which takes height, gives meaning, connects with the mission of the organization, the vision of the business.

What do you think?

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