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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Continuous improvement is no longer enough. We need innovation and entrepreneurial spirit!

In a mature market with lots of competition, differentiation is based on the ability to provide service and continuously improve.
It's essential at operating level. It demonstrates the ability of the organization and the workforce to be flexible and customer oriented.

It may not be enough.
Over-capacity and shrinking market demand generate tensions. No market is protected. It is necessary to revisit the market and prepare options for the future that go beyond simple improvements.
It's not only necessary to listen to customers and teams. We also have to raise the strategic insights and review operational drivers with different perspectives.

Let room for the imagination, the foolishness, the madness. Let room for new connections.
The combinations of elements that create a competitive service offerings are endless ... and few may be relevant and appropriate. We need to identify and analyse them.
And it takes commitment and courage
Sometimes it is impossible to justify a new winning strategy with classical analysis tools ... There's like an alchemy that makes it work or not. We need to take the risk ... But if this risk is shared with the teams and if the project raises the enthusiasm and energy levels rocket high, we are putting all the chances on our side. And minimizing the risks of failure ...

Do you know the definition of engagement? What is the difference of engagement between the chicken and the pig in bacon and eggs? ... The chicken is involved, the pig is committed! We wants pigs, not chickens ... We want commitment, not involvement.

Take risks. Innovate with teams ...that are committed!

Teams accepting risks and having entrepreneurial spirit and ownership for our ambitions!

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