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Monday 11 July 2011

Business culture of the XXI century: You have the right to ask for help and to fail

In our life in society we value independence, maturity and our ability to manage and lead our lives on our own, in an autonomous and individualistic way.
In corporate life, it's the same. It's up to us to be motivated, organized and competent and to ourselves deliver what is requested and achieve our objectives.
If we need advice or support, we may ask or request help from others. Our ability to do so will depend on the company's culture and on the relationships or friendships we have with our work environment...

Few companies and people have a culture of collaboration and support.
If you often doubt or ask, your professionalism and credibility may be questioned. The competitiveness and harshness of the business world do not allow weaknesses or shortcomings.... Wondering or asking to others can put you in a position of inferiority or discomfort.

I suggest a simple and efficient rule:

"It's OK not to know. It happens to all of us.
If you need help, ask for it.
Mistakes are OK. It is acceptable to fail.
But it is forbidden to fail for not having asked for help. "

Simple, isn't it?

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