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Tuesday 13 March 2012

How do you present yourself?

Who are youHow is the story you tell?

When I am asked the questionI lose myself in the thousands of ways I could interpret and reinterpret myself.
How do I define myself?
How do I want to define myself and introduce myself to others?

What justifications provide consistency to my story?
What justifications do I wish to express to the other others?

What do I want to show? Demonstrate? Or hide?

Sometimes these concealments and justifications change depending on each person, on each contextaccording to the entouragethe scenariothe events ... We have many dimensions and we play multiple roles, constantly switching from one to another ...

How to simplify your life?
Take the masks off!
Isn't there a way to limit the multifaceted and constant roles you play ?
Now what?
What stories are you telling meWhat stories are you telling yourself?
How do you tell yourself your story?

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