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Sunday 1 April 2012

What is your intimate reality?

We people tend to lose ourselves in our thoughtsto live in the past and be thoughtfulnostalgicor may be fulfilled about it ... or to be in the future, enthusiastic, excited, or worried, anxious ...

We rarely live the present, here and nowWe lost the ability we had as children to live intensely in the momentbeing 100% alive in the present.

The only part of us that is always in the moment is our bodyIt never gets lost in either the past or in the futureIt is here, nowIt is. It's our only irrefutable reality.

Continuously our body communicates to us our feelingsour emotionssignals how we are at this time and how we are getting on in our lives.

It communicates us whether we are happy, enthusiastic, energetic, present .... If we are on trackif we are forcing too much or not enough ...also if we get away from our trackif we don't take care or lie to ourselves...

These signs can be soft and diffuseThey can also be strong and violent signals.

Our challenge is to understand what our body tells usand it is not easy because in general we've been telling our stories for some time... We tend to live our life in our heads ...where our vision and our interpretation of our reality have been forged.

Our reality is our body's reality.
Our path is to understand it.

BreatheListen to your body.
Breathe Authenticity What about you? Do you listen to your body? 

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