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Wednesday 25 April 2012

What is your energy level?

Do you have too much energy? Or not enough? 
Are you overwhelmed or do you lack energy?

When aligned and harmonious, your vital energy will make you move mountains
Misdirectedit may frustrate and paralyze you.

Where are you putting your energy?
    Do you use it to stay afloat, to keep up with the beat, maintain your routine and life stylesave face, hold on to your position?
   ...or ..
    Do you invest in what matters to you, in your projects, in what you have inside and is yet to fully discover, in what may emerge and transform into your future personal successes ...

And how do you manage your energy?
    Do you relentlessly consume it up to exhaustion? Are there weekends when you are so exhausted that you entirely spend them trying to relax, recoversleep...?.
   ...or ...
    Do you try and manage your energy level one moment after anotherstep by steptrying to keep a balance between the obligations your agenda imposes you and your biological rhythm, between your ambition, your drive and your inner rythm ... taking brief moments of relaxation and rest, disconnecting, taking care of yourself...?

Whatever the answer, don't blame yourself, you're doing the best you can .But if you think of it for a minute ....
What would be your commitment to yourself in managing your vital energy?

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