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Monday 10 September 2012

Do you have a personal strategy? A professional strategy?

Personal Dream and Professional Strategy 

Even if it may be unclear in our youth, along our life we slowly identify our passions, interests, values​​, desires...

What gets you moving?

What are you passionate about?
What do you want to develop? To grow?
How do you want to contribute? To people? To your market? To Society?

With its rules, its discipline, its objectives, requirements and routine, the workplace and corporate environment lead us to forget what we have inside, the things that really put us on the move.

Do you feel comfortable with doing what you do?

Are your role and mission aligned with your desires? Are they coherent with your interests and personal goals?

If you are looking for new challenges, are you seeking in areas that really interest you?
Or do you go for it in all directions?

Do you have a personal strategy?

Do you have a professional strategy that defines where you want to go?


  1. I can identify a singular goal as early as 18 years old. I am 60 now and my goal has not changed. However my strategy/methodology has been revisited many times. I think having a living , personal strategy, one that has a life of its own, one that will go on with or without me is the key. A goal that is bigger than myself, something that takes alot of people to carry out, to bring it about.
    I can think of only 3 things that are in this category of goals, or values God people and me
    Recently the changes that have shaped me to this point required a revisiting of that original commitment . With my newly discovered awareness of my true self ,my purpose, my values,my goals took on greater meaning and clarity. I found this phrase in a book I was reading. that puts to words what has been a thought but has grown into a passion a purpose a value a life ......


    There is only One example of this kind of life
    The Authentic Life

    1. Thank you James for your authenticity and deepness...Really moving and powerful !