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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Demanding or Excellence driven?

These two words are opposite for me.

Being demanding connects me with perfectionism, always wanting more, comparing to others, never being satisfied.
It's effort, endeavor, force, rigidity, tension, authority, fear.

Excellence connects me to passion, overcoming, to doing your best, the desire to go further, to do better, the satisfaction of work well done, outperforming.

It's energy, it's about flowing, flexibility, ambition, leadership, love.

Being demanding limits results to established expectations.
It's negative. It comes from distrust, emptiness, disbelief. From scarcity.
It is based on discipline and control.
Being demanding holds down, imprisons. Is meaningless.

Excellence has no limits.

It's positive. It comes out of trust, fullness, confidence. Of abundance.
It is based on inspiration and support.
Excellence releases, unleashes. It brings sense.

Which of the two have you chosen for your life? 

For yourself?
With your environment?
In your company?
Demanding Excellence driven? Which do you choose to be?

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