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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Is your organization totally focused on getting results?

Is your team fully focused on results?

The collaborators and different departments of an organization are indispensable and complementary in delivering high quality and best in class services to their customers.

Between them, at any moment, discrepancies on objectives or malfunctions in communication, management or quality can affect delivery standards.

All departments in organizations have their own vision, their own objectives and difficulties. But they struggle to perceive the neighbours'. They don't see the other departments' issues. They  don't understand what happens there ... Or don't want to make the effort to understand ...

When trouble or difficulties arise, everyone has an opinion or a solution. And tends to put responsibilities on the others, outside.

How do you make different teams come together and focus on superior goals and objectives that are beyond their "local" needs and issues?

In your company, on what do people focus?.

On blame? On being right? On looking good and showing they did it well?

Or on resolving the global issues. On facing difficulties, taking initiatives and risks to achieve results.

Is your organization fully focused on getting results?

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