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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Leadership : Do you accept to show your vulnerability?

Leadership is commonly linked with power, strength, commitment, security, authority, discipline...

These qualities are key to drive industries where the objectives are productivity, quality and efficiency.
They may however be inadequate or insufficient in less automated areas where the capacity to be flexible, agile, innovative is key to the business...

Energy, strength, commitment are crucial.
But a 
leadership that is based on authority, security and discipline may well have a negative impact. It can create routine, generate rigidity, lack of flexibility to listen, adapt, respond...

In industries requiring constant renewal and creativity, a culture of commitment and freedom is needed to challenge teams, to promote initiative and pro-activity. A context where employees are free, engaged, impatient, passionate. Where they act as entrepreneurs.
To get that, people need to have the right to be themselves, vulnerable and imperfect...

The leader who accepts to be vulnerable ...acts as a role model, is an example that imperfection and vulnerability are OK...

Don't you think?
Would you accept to be vulnerable?

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