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Wednesday 29 May 2013

The 3 Key Components in Decision Making.

The way decisions are taken in companies is very linked to their corporate culture, management structure and leadership styles ...

There is an interesting variety of patterns in the way decisions are taken that tell a lot about how companies work and about their competitive context:
- If they are more on the flexible, continuous change ...or the traditional, conservative side..
- if their management structure and style is very flat and straightforward... or very hierarchical and pyramidal
- if the culture is about inspiring and delegating or more about pushing and controlling

Whatever the culture, country or language, there are always three components that always influence decision making.

-The Rational component : what rationally logically analytically justifies decisions

-The Emotional : the non rational dimension, influenced by intuition, feelings, perceptions, mindset or emotions...

-The Political : coming from corporate dos & don'ts, from the influences and powers in the organization, depending on the personalities, relationships, formal or informal high level agreements and engagements.

All three are always present.
They are present in everything that happens...In any decisions taken... or not taken...

Which components are the most present in your company?

Is this bringing value to the business? Is it delivering results?

Are there any changes you would like to create?

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