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Tuesday 21 May 2013

The power of emotions : How do you manage yours?

The modern world, in particular the Corporate world, is based on efficiency, production, profitability, speed. It leave no place or time for emotions.

In such demanding and hectic environments, people become harder, more rigid and stolid ... They turn their backs on their feelings and emotions. They slowly build a protection from the outside world, a shell, an armour and lock themselves inside it. They often live their lives and act on a daily basis from inside this isolating shell.

At the same time as human beings we are social creatures and mammals. Because of that our emotions are basic in our lives. They bring us energy, show us the way, are our compass and connection to the world. Without emotions we would be machines.

How to reconcile modern life and emotions?
How to avoid getting trapped in this shell?

People’s leadership, efficiency and balance are enhanced by their ability to connect with their emotions or disconnect from them. They depend on their capacity to emotionally associate or dissociate themselves.

When heart surgeons are operating a three year old child, they'd better not be emotional or nervous about it when holding the scalpel!
They need to dissociate from their emotions to be as attentive, professional and accurate as required.

When executives are communicating or facilitating meetings, they are more efficient and influential when they are present, human, authentic, emotionally involving and inspiring... Rather than acting like a robot.
Connecting with emotions is required to be totally present, to influence, mobilize and have impact.

The complexity lies in creating the right balance ... One that works best for each one of us... to avoid acting like an automated machine or conversely, avoid being emotionally fragile or weak.

Developing your ability to associate yourself with your emotions or dissociate yourself from them will give you power in your life and in your interactions with people. Develop your agility and flexibility to do so.
Influence and power are not about behaving like machines.

Turn on your emotions. They are what is the most personal, intimate and powerful in you.
But manage them. Do not let them invade you when it is not the right time and let them express themselves when it is appropriate to do so.

How do you manage your emotions?

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