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Sunday 7 July 2013

Management on hold?

The current situation and uncertainty are so confusing that in some companies the policy is just to wait-and-see.
It is true that today it is difficult to understand the environment, analyse the data, draw lessons and make he right decisions...
We then prefer not to do anything.

Nevertheless, the answers and solutions are there, in the organization.

They are in the capacity of each and every one to see, to share, to understand and learn to adapt, to experiment, innovate, and continuously adjust to achieve results.

More than ever, the collective success needs to be built day after day, as a team, with openness, humility and flexibility.

Is your team ready for this?
Do they know how to manage this uncertainty, share these concerns, accept their mistakes?
Are they able to move forward, innovate, act, question themselves and adapt to succeed?

And you? Are you ready for this?

Are you open, do you listen?
Do you trust and challenge the team?
Do you know how to share with them, how to decide, mobilize and implement with agility and flexibility?

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