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Sunday 24 November 2013

Is pressure useful ?

 As a Manager or an Executive , do you put pressure on your collaborators ?
Is pressure useful ?

 The pressure that we can feel to achieve things, take challenges we have set to ourselves, win competitions, contests, races , learn, improve ... nourishes us physically and mentally, generates adrenaline. gives us energy .

 This pressure is about doing things that make sense to us, that we care about, that make scare us... This pressure allows us to be present , focused, connected , alive, to surpass ourselves, to go for it, go further. This pressure is healthy ...
 A sound pressure generated by our motivation, our ambition , our passion.
 This pressure is more than positive. It is constructive. It's refreshing. It is vital.

 But what happens if the pressure comes from outside, is "poured" on us?

 What if the pressure that is put on us has unrealistic , confusing goals? What if the environment is highly political , superficial? What if the management putting that pressure lacks confidence, is unable to trust or is manipulative...?
This other pressure is more negative .
Will it make us act? Yes, by coercion, by obligation, through fear.
In this case one has to live with this unhealthy pressure, suffer from it, be a victim of it ... It creates insecurity , anxiety.
It can be twisted , petty, can be malignant , paralysing ...

What do you think ?

Should managers put pressure?
If they do , how should they do it ?

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