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Monday 16 December 2013

How to reconcile personal and professional dimensions?

There are many publications on areas for individual growth like personal development, leadership, personal branding...

Can these areas be compatible with having an stable position / a permanent role in a company?
Can one develop these personal aspects while having specific roles and responsibilities in a company?

Companies do their best at listening, caring, respecting and managing their collaborators. The way they do it does not always bring coherence between the personal and professional dimensions of a person.
Management in companies tends to speak, interact and motivate people just talking to their professional profile...
Is it enough ?

People are evolving and changing beings, their motivations vary with the contexts in which they evolve, the challenges they face, the overall environment that surrounds them...
Nothing is black nor white. Everyone has their ideas, beliefs and personality.
The mission of the company, of the manager, of the HR is to be able to create relationships that flow and contexts that perform. So that ... motivation, commitment and partnership between the company and the person can be win-win, open, flexible, results-oriented... So that it can contribute to both parties ....

This collaborator in front of you ... Have you ever connected with him/her... beyond their professional aspects ...?

Leave space for your collaborators, be curious beyond their current role or career and make an alliance with the whole person, not only with their professional and formatted avatar.

What do you think ?

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