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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Do you manage the process?

The responsibility of the manager is not on content, it is on process .

Managers often have a wrong approach.

They focus on business, on results, and only see the teams as resources to reach goals and objectives.

They lose sight of something important : the team.

The objective of the manager is clearly developping the business. To do so they must focus on creating the conditions for the teams to communicate , work , learn, and improve in order to deliver results to the business.

Their role is to coordinate the team, to be aware of what is happening, to " dance " with them and make sure they are focused, aligned and mobilized .

Managing is an art. It is a wise balance between context and results, data and systems, process and content.
The manager is a chief conductor of the key issues are the business , strategy, operations and staff.

A leader / manager monitors two items:
- The Business: the market, the customers, the company , its products , services, the results ...
- The Teams : employees and managers, communication styles and work performance, culture, system and systems that govern its operation.

How do you manage the process?

What kind of manager are you?

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