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Sunday 29 December 2013

What Equilibrium do you want for yourself ?

When last did you take the time to really be with an important person in your life?
Since when have you not been with a loved one, a partner, a spouse, a son, a daughter, your mother, your father .. in a magical moment of peace , connection , love ?
Maybe you live at a fast pace in which you are always running , rushing from one thing to another , with a pace in which you stay on the surface of things...

 Or perhaps it is the other way around...

 When was the last time you were speeded up, full of energy, enthusiastic, with plenty of ongoing projects and things to do ... ?
For how long have you been living in your head , thinking , imagining without getting into action ?
Maybe you live in a slowed down pace, in a routine , and you struggle to get into action, to get started, you live too much in your head, in your thoughts, in your sabotage ...

Where do see yourself most recently?
Where would you rather be?

How to get both ?
How to live a balance, inspired by your projects,  in action , trying , failing and getting on with it, consistently...
But taking moments when you get to stop, totally stop, and recover , nurture yourself , be with people , with your family , intimately, and take the time to enjoy your life.

What are you missing to achieve this balance ?
What do you want for yourself in 2014 ?

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