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Wednesday 26 February 2014

How to give an open, honest and productive feedback ?

Authoritarian management styles reduce the teams' levels of motivation and flexibility.

When a management team rigidly gives orders, the ability of the organization to adapt and provide an exclusive level of service becomes more limited.

For that reason, developing emotional intelligence , connecting and building rapport with collaborators and teams enhance optimism, confidence, empowerment, motivation.

A more connected management style nevertheless entails certain risks. The proximity, the affective and emotional connection with the teams can create an unwanted and unproductive consequence: the inability to give feedback openly, clearly and efficiently.
 As if the manager, when developing a more intimate and harmonious relationship with collaborators, would start fearing this confrontation and would feel uncomfortable to challenge them on their results or development.

 The connection , syntony, proximity of managers with their teams need to be genuine, honest . It is the only way for them not to be manipulative.

 This connection should enable managers to dare to share their expectations , opinions , feedbacks , testimonials openly... honestly but flexibly ...

 For managers, the challenge lies in always being aware of who they are as individuals, in giving feedback with humility and detachment, so as to share and build solutions from listening, sharing, exchanging, negotiating ...

 Build rapport, not paralysis.

 Are you capable of honesty and openness in your feedbacks ?

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