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Sunday 23 March 2014

Leadership is Doing less and Being more

Run an honest, open group.

Your job is to facilitate and illuminate what is happening. Interfere as little as possible. Interference, however brilliant, creates a dependency on the leader.

The fewer rules the better. Rules reduce freedom and responsibility. Enforcement of rules is coercive and manipulative, which diminishes spontaneity and absorbs group energy.

The more coercive you are, the more resistant the group will become. Your manipulations will only breed evasions. Every law creates an outlaw. There is no way to run a group.

The wise leader establishes a clear and wholesome climate in the group room. In the light of awareness, the group naturally acts in a wholesome manner.

When the leader practices silence, the group remains focused. When the leader does not impose rules, the group discovers its own goodness. When the leader acts unselfishly, the group simply does what is to be done.

Good leadership consists of doing less and being more.

The Tao of Leadership - Lao Tzu

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