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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Abundance or Scarcity?

Are you living in abundance or in scarcity?
What fills your life? 
What do you feel is missing?

The way we live our life depends on how we perceive it.
Are we happy with what we have? Or do we want more?

How do you live? Do you enjoy the moment? Or are you always expecting something, a vacation, an entry of money, a new car, something to happen...?

The perceptions of abundance or scarcity are first created in our minds. They are not related to the money we have or what we possess ...

Being envious of your neighbour who has more or terrified to lose what you have will never bring you serenity or happiness.
Happiness is about being satisfied and grateful for what you have.
It is about living according to your principles and values​​, about deciding where you want to go, fighting for what you want and put aside what we do not want...

Scarcity is about being competitive, directive and unsatisfied. It's being perfectionist and demanding.
Abundance is being generous and trusting with oneself, with others, with life.

I do not believe in sacrifice, in pressure, in forcing for things to happen.
I believe in generosity and trust, in the team, in surpassing oneself and persevering to achieve results.

Where are you? Are you living closer to abundance or to scarcity?

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