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Monday 7 May 2012

What's preventing you from meeting your objectives?

There are few moments in life when we have clarity.
Clarity about what we want, what motivates us. About the direction to take. About our dreams, ambitions, goals. Clarity that gives us enthusiasm, connection, energy ...

When we experience clarity, it's magical. Everything is simple, spot on, crystal clear...

But... life gets in the way ... What happens? 

We start to hear our internal rumours ... our internal skeptics think we are crazy, nuts, unrealistic, our saboteurs tell us we can't make it, our victimism convinces us it is too dangerous, we'll fail ...

External noises follow up ... our friends think our ideas are great but totally crazy... our families look at us with disapproval and anxiety ...

So before even starting to dig into what is really important to us, you may decide it will not be feasible, not worth wasting time, just not possible. You already give up !

When was the last time you had a moment of clarity?

What brakes prevented you from going for your goals?

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