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Wednesday 30 May 2012

What does your client want, really?

Do you really listen?
Are you curious and open enough to listen?

Sometimes I'm amazed by the attitude of some sales people.
They are so focused on their products, offers and promotions that they tend to forget about the only thing that really mattersthe customer!

For years the economy was thriving, there was money and optimism ... The commercial just needed to know how to fill in order forms ....

Now that is more complicated, when confidence is missing, these attitudes do not work ...

In what state is your client?

What do you feel?
Does he have the power to decide?
Who else can influence the purchase decision?
WIIIFM? What's in it for him in this sale?
What is at stake for him?
What are the risks he's taking with this?

But above all, in general .... What does he want?

Do you have a good understanding of what he wants or have you been too focused on your stuff (your goals, your offerings, competition, ..)and blinded by the pressure and stress to close the sale?

Beyond your products and services, connect with your customers.
Hear what they say and try to perceive what they do not tell you ... The key to your success may well be there.

What do you think your customer really wants?

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