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Wednesday 23 May 2012

What impact does stress have on you?

    For optimum proactivity and performance, it is important for a collaborator to be independent and interdependent, to be able to add value, collaborate, to easily and fluently interact with others.

   In a previous post we have defined this position for communication as "+ / +". It's a positive way of relating with others with openness, cooperation and respect. (link post

   When difficulties, uncertainty and conflicts arise, when the levels of pressure and requirement increase, the usual position of communication may be impacted and change.

   All the more professional, competent and "great communicators" they may be, employees may gradually fall into states of exhaustion and stress.

Effects of pressure and stress
on the t
eam members' behaviours
   Then the natural and efficient "+/+" posture, depending on the personality of each one, may "fall" into positions of "defence" like:

- "+ / -": More authoritarian, more demanding and rigid, to extremes can become arrogant and aggressive, or

- "- / +": the opposite, more passive, quiet, dependent, with possible loss of confidence and sense of inferiority.

   The general impact is clearly a loss in the efficiency and agility of the individuals and teams.

On a personal level, how does this sound to you?
When you're under stress, in what schemes do you tend to fall?
When you do, what would your needs be?

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