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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tao of Leadership: Materialism

The wise leader leads a quiet and meditative life. But most people are busy getting as many possessions they can.

The quiet path leads toward a more conscious existence. The busy path creates an exaggerated materialism.

Becoming more conscious leads toward God and a sense of the unity of all creation. But excessive consumption is only possible by exploiting someone.

The world's goods are unevenly distributed. Some have a great deal. Most have very little. We are running out of enough resources to go around. Everyone knows that.

Yet those who are already encumbered by possessions get more and more. They even brag about how much they have. Don't they know what stealing is?

Owning lots of possessions does not come from god. People get it by manipulating other people.

Tao of Leadership - Lao Tzu

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