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Monday 27 August 2012

Are you cheating yourself?

Nowadays the need to renew and reinvent ourselves may be higher than ever... At all levels: personal, organizational, national, international ...

Our education and training models make us prisoners of established paradigms, visions and interpretations of the world. It's hard for people to be flexible or creative, and to connect with new ideas, perceptions or visions. On a personal basis people also struggle to be themselves, evolve as individuals and be faithful to who they are.

Strangely, "The school has taught us how to cheat"

At school we learn to deliver to the system what is required from us. We learn to respond to its expectations, to its models and references. To pass and be accepted...

Over the years we continue to respond to the requirements of our environment. We gradually move away from whatever made us unique and different, from our most valuable and original potential...
We turn away from who we are in essence. We focus on what we think the outside world wants of us. Doing so we slowly become unable to hear what comes from inside ...

We lose much of our originality and uniqueness in trying to fit into predefined boxes and criteria in which we want to excel ...

As adults, we continue seeking answers outside. We give the greatest importance to what others think ... We look outside to see how we should do things ... To find references and role models.

With these attitudes...

How can we possibly be creative and innovative?
How can we find our own answers when we are trapped inside?

How to stop cheating?
How can you be the best version of yourself?
How to adapt without cheating yourself?

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